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Berkshire firework displays

We can provide spectacular firework displays to suit any budget, from £700 for any occasion, wedding fireworks, new years eve, anniversaries, corporate events, round table events, council events, charity events even bonfire night. Or just because you want one.

Each firework display is designed to suit your budget and can be tailored to your own requirements. We can also make custom lancework frames to say anything you want, or even have your company logo in fireworks!

Displays set to music are one of our specialities. We can also include pulsed sequences of fireworks including the chasing sequences (as seen on the Sydney harbour bridge) or curtains of fire closing inwards exploding into a giant aerial starburst.

Examples from our extensive range of professional firework displays

Gold and blue fan210 shot crossettesSilver minesGlittering cometsBombette fanSilver comets